Frequently Asked Questions

Campaigns at Adverti needs a minimum budget of $50, funded with either USD or Bitcoin. Campaigns also need a minimum bid of $0.05 CPM.
We accept USD through credit/debit cards, or direct Bitcoin deposits. For large USD volumes we may accept wire transfers upon request. Through our integration with ShapeShift, we also allow 3 different altcoins.
Campaigns in our network can target visitors based on geographical location or device operating system, device type or browser. Campaigns can also limit impressions per visitor, and what time of day the campaign will be shown.

We intend to provide retargeting and other means of targeting in the future.
Currently we are only able to work on CPM/dCPM basis. We hope to be able to introduce other pricing models such as CPC in the future.
For new companies we only accept pre-payments to start campaigns. As your company develops a transactional history with us, we may raise your credit limits.

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